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New studio space ‘Reagenz’

In January we moved into a great new studio space which will be called ‘Reagenz - Raum für künstlerische Experimente’ (space for artistic experiments).

Concert Tallin

Live Electronic Concert at EKKM - The Museum of Becomings, Tallin 22/05/2015.

Impuls Academy

I am participating in this year’s impuls-academy and the workshop Performative Computer Music with concerts on Feb 21 and 22.

Concert MIB Bremen

Thu Dec 25, 20:30h in Bremen. The ‘traditional’ Christmas concert with Ludger Hennig, Markus Markowski, Sciss.

Exhibition Turbulence

Sound installation at Forum Stadtpark Graz. Opening Fri&nbsp7 Nov, 19h; Exhibition 8–29 Nov, Tue–Fri 11–18h, Sat 11–16h