Kontakt (simultan) and Aleatorium at Glowing Globe Rijeka

With support by the Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb, the electro-mechanical oracle and a new table top version of the stereoscopic piece, both shown this summer for the first time at Reagenz, now go to Kortil gallery for the festival organised by CIM - Center for Innovative Media, Rijeka. Aleatorium, which is now also documented, has been created from the start in a format that makes it possible to move the piece with relative ease. The spatial text installation that is part of the piece, will be recreated in a new version in-situ. The sound layer of the piece has also been further composed, now working with aleatorically recombined whispering words.

Kontakt (simultan), which is taking several shapes, including an online bot and a physical stereo lenses installation at one of Reagenz’ studio windows, has been reconfigured with a beautiful antiquity stereo magnifying glass. This new version, rather than showing the current state of the lichen fragments in comparison with one past point in time, provides the visitor two rotary dials. The machine has downloaded an archive of all photographies, and you can now explore the translation from time to space by choosing moments in time for the left and right part of the stereoscopic image to compare.