Anemone Actiniaria gig and Mellite workshop at Piksel festival

Bergen’s Piksel is of course well known as a festival around electronic art and open source coding culture. For some reason, it had always remained in the corner of our eye, but finally we made submissions this year and we are happy to have been accepted. Anemone Actiniaria has been a low-frequency but constant contact point between the algorithmic improvisatory performance practices of David Pirrò and Hanns Holger Rutz. Mutually coupling the signals of two idiosyncratic systems, the duo has developed a unique and recognisable language in synthetic sound textures. Hanns Holger’s system, Wolkenpumpe, is closely connected to the engine that also powers Mellite, the comprehensive environment for creating computer music and sound art. Mellite has been developed since ten years, and while it has still many experimental corners, it has become a quite stable and documented system, making it a good choice for curious artists to explore. At Piksel, a three hours Mellite workshop will allow the participants to dive deeply into this open source application.

Participation in the workshop is free and takes place online, in order to register, send an e-mail to piksel21(AT) ; the workshop is scheduled on one of the festival days 18–20 November.