Exhibition Research Glass at Reagenz June 19th

Save the date! On June 19, we are opening our studio and project space Reagenz to participate in the Kunstraum Steiermark presentations. Since this year, Nayarí receives this scholarship provided by the State of Styria to support setting up and developing studios and workspaces. Reagenz - Space for Spatial Experiments is used as laboratory for artistic research. During 2021 Nayarí Castillo investigates on the one hand on public space experiments that foster coexistence (Homeostasis, Urban Assemblages & Hinge); and on the other, in partnership with sound artist Hanns Holger Rutz, on collaboration as methodological artistic production tool (Un-synchronization and Simultaneous Relaying).

On the Open Studio Day on the 19th of June 2021, the exhibition Research Glass will be inaugurated, showing part of the research, including plans for implementation of projects, sketches, cuts and specific material related to the investigations. A sort of open library/space/cabinet to invite the viewers to react towards both areas of research. Research Glass – divided across the adjacent spaces Reagenz and Reagenz Ost — takes a snap-shot on the investigations, and serve as container for two artistic installations. The most recent publications of the artists will also be available during the exhibition period.

I am especially excited, as we plan to show a prototype of a new installation piece we are working on. The show is planned to run until July 11th.