Sound Installation

This category encompasses works that are to be diffused in a particular space in a non-concertant situation, i.e. a situation where visitors can come and go as they wish. Often the works take the context of the site or the exhibition into account. I usually work with real-time processes that are computer controlled and computer generated, lead to changing and adaptive situations and constellations of sounds. Often the sonic medium dialogues with other media such as objects, text, light, digital image.

Writing (simultan)

Sound installation that reconfigures two previous pieces, deconstructing radio signals through simultaneous circular motions across glass tableaus.

Through Segments

A collaborative sound installation, across the four storeys of the staircase in the Iron House of the Graz Art Museum (Kunsthaus).


Sound installation that reconfigures two previous pieces, deconstructing radio signals through simultaneous circular motions across glass tableaus.

Mexican Tumulus

Installation in public space. With Nayarí Castillo. 12-channel sound, blue objects, text tableaus, digital light. Real-time data link to Mexico City (partner...

schwärmen + vernetzen

Transdisciplinary artistic research project and installation, exploring “movement profiles”, becoming holobionts.

Accel / Zero-Phase

Two paired sound installations and text installation in the town of Eisenerz, Styria. One based on the acceleration of time, one based on standstill.


Installation for a ship hull. 9-channels sound, 3-channels video, light and scent. Gallery NOASS Riga, May 2015. Supported by the Regional Government of Styr...


Sonification-based sound installation. 42-channel sound; paper and thread; 15-channel sensors. Sound composition: Hanns Holger Rutz. Visual composition: Ana ...


Sound installation for the gateway of the Styrian station of the Austrian broadcasting corporation ORF.

Voice Trap

A collaborative installation, using mirrors and jars, story fragments which combine factual and fictional elements, 96 piezo speakers capturing voice sounds.


Binaural voice recordings (headphones), computer graphics. Shown as part of the exhibition «Writing Machines» at gallery ESC im Labor in Graz, Austria.

Writing Machine

Installation based on the broad notion of “grapheme” – the manifestation of the process of writing-as-trace, an infinite chain of signification.


An arrangement of glass plates functioning as screens for video and sound, motion within stillness, balance between pure sensation and associative scenery.


«Dissemination» is a collaborative audio-visual installation by Hanns Holger Rutz and Nayari Castillo, in which both media create a space by relying on and r...


Sound installation with sixteen glass plates and four speakers in the former tram depot of the electricity works Weimar. Commissioned by the Kunstfest Weimar...

Urban Spaces

This is an installation developed by our improv quartet HMSS (Ludger Hennig, Markus Markowski, Sciss, Johannes Sienknecht). It was commissioned for the «O!VĀ...


The city of Jena invited quartet HMSS to work with sounds of scientific places usually not accessible by the general public.

Vice Versa

«Vice Versa» is comprised of two audio-visual installations in the big and small cisterns in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. It was commissioned by the Singuhr Hœrga...


This work was composed for an exhibition produced by Manfred May in the Galerie im Bürgerhaus, Zella-Mehlis 2007. The exhibition fathoms the exciting contras...

Command Control Communications

Four interactive video projections running simultaneously, comprised of ready-made movie advertisement, an excercise in upcyling.

Zelle 148

Sound installation for the exhibition «Einschluß 2» in the former prison of the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) of the GDR, Erfurt 2006.

Rigid String Geometry

An audiovisual installation by Ludger Hennig and Hanns Holger Rutz. It is based on the work “Installed Piano String” which was developed at the Studio for el...

Electric Streamboat

Site specific installation with five loudspeakers wrapped as boats or batteries, diffusing sounds of a person sleeping.


This project originated in a muliple participants sound installation about little creeping animals. It is the first collaboration with Cem Akkan whom I got t...