Fixed Composition

Pieces that are purely auditive and have a fixed form. Some were assembled in the form of albums to be released on CD for private home listening. Others were composed in multi-channel formats and can only be diffused in an electroacoustic concert. I am interested in being directed by algorithmic processes rather than an ‘ad libidum’ style of manual painting on the time canvas, with the aim of bringing together the sensual quality of electroacoustic music and the formal rigour (and surprise) of computer music.

2019 Légende (Studie)
2015 Grenzwerte
2013 (Inde)terminus
2012 Leere Null (2)
2011 Leere Null
2010 Fäden Ziehen
2009 Akrostichon
2007 Tremor
2006 Strahlung
2005 Zeichnung
2004 Ichneumon
2003 Netzhaut
2002 Residual
2001 Stamina
2000 Autour/Entre