Impuls Academy 2017 - Algorithms that Matter

The impuls 10th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music will take place in Graz in February 2017. We are delighted to offer a class in the special programs track with Almat - Algorithms that Matter. The call for participation is open now until October 1st!

The workshop focuses on the experimentation with algorithms and their embedding in live performances. Rather than conceiving algorithms as established building blocks (“live electronics”) or the formalisation of a compositional idea (“algorithmic composition”), we look at them as performing entities whose consequences are irreducible to models. Algorithms “matter” in the sense that matter and meaning cannot be distinguished, they may be moulded and they may unfold material in an ecosystemic way: Materials become a new source for transformation.

The workshop was developed by David Pirrò and Hanns Holger Rutz and will be realised together with Agostino Di Scipio.