Electric Streamboat (2004)

An installation I did for a one night exhibition at a multi-functional workshop/ gallery/ living space called Habengut, run by two extraordinary Danish artists for one year in Berlin. While the overall atmosphere was very crowded and noisy, I chose to put something very calm in a separate room. This room was very narrow and tiled, the tiles being rather dark coloured. Combined with a blue-greenish lamp the atmosphere was really dull. I spatially distributed five loudspeakers wrapped in foam with the appearance of little boats or car batteries (copying the plus-minus signs found a couple of times on the walls). They would diffuse the sound of myself sleeping—simultaneously from five different days of the week—at approximately the original low volume, with interesting rhythmic interruptions created by the sound of the sleeping person moving from one side to the other. The dull atmosphere hence became ambivalent and in fact people liked to stay for quite a while.

Electric Steamboat (Room Rec. Mix)