xCoAx 2017 Lisboa - Almat Talk and Exhibit

This is the second year I am going to the Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (xCoAx), which this year takes place in Lisboa between July 4 and July 7. xCoAx is a really nice intersection between computational art, aesthetical discourse, and transdisciplinary thinking.

Having started our Algorithms that Matter project in April, this is an opportunity for us to present some preceding and initial work. I will be talking about “The Temporality of (un|non)selection”, the specific unfolding of decision-making or rather decision-inhibition, which I propose as a way of interrupting the flow of algorithms, turning their potential for control and violence into aesthetical positions. I will also present “Inner Space”, a video installation created within last year’s “Imperfect Reconstruction” project with David Pirrò. For xCoAx, we are translating the video miniatures that were shown in the enclosed space of the exhibition at esc, giving them a new form as 5-channel small monitor installation.