Live Electronic

2015 Anemone Actiniaria
2012 Insub #11
2011 Inter-Play/Re-Sound
2003 ChromaticField
  Ensemble HMSS
  Sciss Solo

I refer to Live Electronic here as a situation where a performer is operating an electronic setup in an improvisational context. I have started to do live concerts in 2000 and since then have played many different venues, mostly solo, then since 2002 in the trio ChromaticField, as well as collaborations with various partners. In 2006, the quartet HMSS (Hennig / Markowski / Sciss / Sienknecht) was founded.

Live Electronic means something distinct from an acoustic instrumental performance. The electronic medium is essentially stream-based—as opposed to event or note or pitch based—where time unfolds as a canvas on which atmospheres and noises appear.

I do not consider “live” as necessarily “hand-made” in an anachronistic way to remain with human gestural virtuosity. It rather concerns the idea of John Cage who said “I welcome whatever happens next”.