Live Collaborations

I have played various live duets, including the following artists:

  • Ludger Hennig – apart from HMSS and our collaborative sound installations, we did a streaming gig on Ping FM / DFM RTV INT, a gig for the opening of «Kalligraphie», and one for the opening of Manfred Mays exhibition in the historical Schillingschmiede, Suhl 2008. The latter is visible and audible below.

Sciss and Ludger Hennig live at the Schillingschmiede (extract)

  • David Pirrò – I met David first in the IEM’s research project «Embodied Generative Music». We have recently started to improvise together under the title «Anemone Actiniaria»
  • Robert Rehnig – I know Robert since 2004; in 2007 we worked side-by-side in the Vice Versa project, and we have played at least three live gigs, the last occasion being the anniversary party of the Singuhr sound art gallery.
  • Blazej Dowlasz – Blazej I also met first in 2004. During the nights we created numerous installations in the public space of Weimar, in a modus operandi that consisted in naming the respective object we found with an incremental number. We played a very nice gig in the former Stasi prison of Suhl in 2009.
  • Mangrove Kipling – I met Laurent in the Schliemann-40 times of Salon Bruit, when he played a beautiful gig as Anton Sulak. Some time after we had become friends and we played a few times together
  • Lifeloop – I met Séamus in the constellation of noisiV, playing live at the Fleischerei Berlin. I think that was the first noise concert I witnessed, and as such this encounter has had a lasting effect on my musical development. Among other things, we were just quick enough to record one of the «99 records», which you can find here.
  • Unkuentz – my first memory of Martin is walking home from Fleischerei, and he fixed my flat tyre. Later, Martin and Kenneth playing painfully loud in tuxedos… Apart from ChromaticField, we played together a few times, e.g. on the Nomusic tournament, and in K77 and Habengut (as «Blind Operators»).
  • KDonovan – I saw Kate first when Dienstbar was residing in the Mongobar. She used to do a lot of field recordings while travelling, and one day we did a very beautiful “field recording” concert in gallery Augenblick.
  • Alexandre Decoupigny – we played a nice gig at the Bleepfest 2007 (see photo below).

… as well as with a greater number of people :

  • «Session03» with Mobs, Marc Lingk, Julius Stahl and Steve Transcoder (documented in a YouTube video).
  • «Agua Cero» – during our trip to Venezuela 2008, we did a performance for the opening of the «8. velada de santa lucia» (with Nayarí Castillo doing video, Consuelo Méndez and Ramsés Lazárbal performing, see photo below).