Ensemble HMSS (2006–)

HMSS is an ensemble for electroacoustic noise improvisation, formed by Ludger Hennig (microphone-devices, laptop), Markus Markowski (prepared guitar, laptop), Sciss (microphone-devices, laptop), and Johannes Sienknecht (laptop).

HMSS extends musical improvisation through electroacoustic software-instruments, developed with Max/MSP and SuperCollider. The musical material consists mainly of noises and field recordings. The sound is distributed to and interconnected with each of the players within an audio and signal network. The vocabulary and musical gesture is affected, influenced, and manipulated individually by each of the players. Multiple loudspeaker setups allow each player to acousmatically project the sounds into the performance space.


Concerts have been played in Leipzig, Berlin («fünf+1 Raumklangkonzepte» Wasserspeicher), Basel, Stuttgart (World New Music Festival), Bremen, Erfurt (Opening of «Einschluß 2»), Weimar (Hochschule für Musik), Riga (RIXC Media Space), Jena, Köln (KHM «Nocturne»), Dortmund (MEX «Krachzehn»).

A demo CD has been produced and is available on request. Below is one of the pieces. The website of Ludger Hennig features more audio recordings.

“To Call Upon”


HMSS has also been working on sound installations, namely «Urban Spaces» for the RIXC Media Space Riga, and «Unterwelt» for Jena (city of the sciences 2008).