Sound Installation

2016 Accel/Zero-Phase
2015 Configuration
2014 Turbulence
2013 Sliding
2012 Voice Trap
2011 Writing Machine
2010 Dissemination
2009 Amplifikation
  Außer ein paar Vögeln…
2008 Unterwelt
  Urban Spaces
2007 Vice Versa
2006 Rigid String Geometry
  Zelle 148
2004 Electric Steamboat
2001 Quagmire

This category encompasses works that are to be diffused in a particular space in a non-concertant situation, i.e. a situation where visitors can come and go as they wish. Often the works take the context of the site or the exhibition into account. These works do not seek a dramatic-musical form but have a more sculptural or atmospheric quality. When possible, I work with realtime processes that are computer controlled and lead to ever-changing sounds or constellations of sounds, rather than fixing the sound on a medium and playing it back in a loop.