Netzhaut (2003)

An 18-minute piece derived from a live performance.

Netzhaut (english: Retina) encompasses three pieces and can be associated with three phenomena: • The synaesthetic potential of concrete-acoustically rooted sonic material to excite visual images, some continuously changing, others prolonging and therefore becoming an entity closely linked to the piece (such as the titles suggest). • Netz (Network) indicating processes in the listener’s head that connect disparate elements, even across boundaries of the distinct pieces. • Haut (Skin) proposing an interaction between outside and inside, questioning the superficial assumption of a ‘naturalistic’ character of the pieces. In its compact form designated for 8cm Mini-CD.

Brücke (Bridge) is a contribution to the Singing Bridges project of Australian sound artist Jodi Rose. Taking her fieldrecordings of bridges, distorting phase and therefore eliminating the passing of time, focussing on the ‘no-place’ character of bridges, the gap between two sides. Feld (Field) is a contribution to the ChromaticField Recreate project, based on live recordings of the performance trio ChromaticField (Sciss/Unkuentz/Volmar); sonic material from solar powered IC sound modules. Am Waldrand (Skirts of the Forest) was created mainly from a Sciss live recording and deals with a recurrent image that I perceive when making music.

Feld (excerpt)