Since 2000, I am developing audio software, most of which is designed to help me compose music. I have placed some of these applications and libraries in the public domain, so they can be used by other people. Below is a list of these applications. All software comes without warranties and support, use them at your own risk.

More or less self-contained applications:

Frameworks for computer music:

  • ScalaCollider – SuperCollider client for Scala, the basis for SoundProcesses
  • SoundProcesses – computer music framework, the basis for Mellite and Wolkenpumpe
  • Strugatzki – Feature extraction and correlation library to search sound databases for similar or dissimilar sounds.
  • JCollider – SuperCollider library for Java (superceded by ScalaCollider)

The are literally dozens of auxiliary libraries, from Open Sound Control to audio file processing to particular experiments, too numerous to mention. For the full list of my FLOSS projects, see