Variation (2006)

Video : Yoann Trellu
Audio : Sciss

«Variation» is part of a compilation project of the French video artist Yoann Trellu. Under this heading, he assembles different video pieces, ranging from abstract plays of colour (as in «Vagues») to concrete, photographic recordings (for example «Spring MA») which adhere to a particular aesthetic that he summarizes as follows:

  • “very few or no camera movement
  • single shot, almost no cut / transition
  • a lot of post processing (colors, contrast, effects…)”

The basic concept behind «Variations» is to gather up to five different “sound-tracks” for one clip, composed by different audio artists. Using the sound-track selection menu of a DVD player, the recipient can choose between these versions or view the video in silence. The approach is an experiment about the mutual reaction of image and sound to each other, a counter statement against the fear to the musician to be overwhelmed by the image, a demonstration of the atmospheric penetration of the visual by the acoustic.

Clips for which I composed sound:

«Blumen» 2’15”
«Plan» 1’52”
«Spring MA» 2’25”
«Urban Slide 1» 2’08”
«Vagues» 1’43”


For more details, see Yoann’s Variation page.