Manga (2002)

Manga is the title of a theatre piece directed by Tobias Rausch which was inspired by Japanese Manga comics. I wrote pieces for a couple of scenes and sequences, entitled «Intro», «Mimi 1+2», «Dream», «Premonition 1+2», «Voyage», «Recitation», «Architecture», and «Fight». As in my other music, the sound material is primarily taken from original recordings, but here I have also worked with samples from Anime films as well as traditional Japanese music.

In some cases, the music works as an atmospheric colourization of the scenes (e.g. «Premonition» and «Architecture»), in other cases the music acts a sound-track (e.g. «Voyage» and «Fight»), and in the case of «Dream» the music is a punctuation and an autonomous medium. Below is photo and the music of the dreaming scene:

Photo: Aki Güldner

Dream (short version)