package swing

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Package Members

  1. package graph

Type Members

  1. trait BooleanCheckBoxView[T <: Txn[T]] extends View[T]
  2. trait DoubleSpinnerView[T <: Txn[T]] extends View[T]
  3. final case class Graph(widget: Widget, controls: IndexedSeq[Configured]) extends expr.Graph with Product with Serializable
  4. abstract class InputPathFieldPanel[+F] extends PanelWithPathField with Model[Try[F]]
  5. trait IntRangeSliderView[T <: Txn[T]] extends View[T]
  6. trait IntSpinnerView[T <: Txn[T]] extends View[T]
  7. trait ListView[T <: Txn[T], Elem, U] extends Disposable[T] with Model[Update]
  8. trait LucreSwingPlatform extends AnyRef
  9. class Observation[T <: Txn[T], A] extends Disposable[T]
  10. abstract class PanelWithPathField extends Panel
  11. trait StringFieldView[T <: Txn[T]] extends View[T]
  12. trait TreeTableView[T <: Txn[T], Node, Branch, Data] extends Disposable[T] with Model[Update]

    A view for tree like data that is presented as a tree table.

    A view for tree like data that is presented as a tree table.


    the opaque node type of the tree, encompassing both branches and leaves


    the opaque data type which is a non-transactional view structure used for rendering the nodes.

  13. trait UndoRedo[T <: Txn[T]] extends Disposable[T]
  14. trait View[T <: Txn[T]] extends Disposable[T]
  15. trait Window[T <: Txn[T]] extends Disposable[T]

Value Members

  1. object BooleanCheckBoxView
  2. object DoubleSpinnerView
  3. object FScapeViews
  4. object Graph extends Serializable
  5. object IntRangeSliderView
  6. object IntSpinnerView
  7. object ListView
  8. object LucreSwing extends LucreSwingPlatform
  9. object Observation
  10. object Shapes
  11. object StringFieldView
  12. object TargetIcon

    A "target" icon useful for drag and drop targets.

  13. object TreeTableView
  14. object UndoRedo
  15. object View
  16. object Window