package sciss

Welcome to the Mellite API documentation.

The interfaces are grouped into the following packages:

The Lucre transactional object model:

  • de.sciss.lucre.stm is the base package for transactions, with things like Obj, Txn, Sys, and Cursor
  • de.sciss.lucre.artifact is the base package for file system artifacts, with classes Artifact and ArtifactLocation
  • de.sciss.lucre.expr is the base package for expression types such as IntObj, DoubleObj, etc.

Other useful packages:

  • for reading and writing audio files
  • de.sciss.osc for general Open Sound Control interfaces
Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any

Package Members

  1. package audiofile
  2. package fscape
  3. package lucre
  4. package mellite
  5. package nuages
  6. package osc
  7. package patterns
  8. package proc
  9. package serial
  10. package span
  11. package synth

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