package confluent

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Type Members

  1. trait Access[T <: Txn[T]] extends Writable with PathLike
  2. trait Cache[-Tx] extends AnyRef
  3. trait CacheMap[T <: Txn[T], K, +Store] extends Cache[T]
  4. trait Cursor[T <: Txn[T], D <: lucre.Txn[D]] extends lucre.Cursor[T] with Disposable[D] with Writable
  5. trait DurablePersistentMap[T <: Txn[T], K] extends AnyRef

    Interface for a confluently or partially persistent storing key value map.

    Interface for a confluently or partially persistent storing key value map. Keys (type K) might be single object identifiers (as the variable storage case), or combined keys (as in the live map case).


    the underlying system's transaction type


    the key type

  6. trait Ident[T <: Txn[T]] extends lucre.Ident[T]
  7. trait InMemoryConfluentMap[T <: Txn[T], K] extends AnyRef
  8. trait IndexMap[-T, A] extends Writable
  9. trait IndexMapHandler[T <: Txn[T]] extends AnyRef
  10. final case class MeldInfo[T <: Txn[T]](highestLevel: Int, highestTrees: Set[Access[T]]) extends Product with Serializable
  11. trait PartialMapHandler[-T] extends AnyRef
  12. trait PathLike extends AnyRef
  13. trait Ref[T <: Txn[T], A] extends lucre.Ref[T, A] with Source[T, A]
  14. trait Source[T <: Txn[T], +A] extends lucre.Source[T, A]
  15. trait Sys extends lucre.Sys

    This is analogous to a ConfluentLike trait.

    This is analogous to a ConfluentLike trait. Since there is only one system in LucreConfluent, it was decided to just name it confluent.Sys.

  16. trait Txn[T <: Txn[T]] extends lucre.Txn[T]
  17. trait VersionInfo extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Access
  2. object ByteArrayFormat extends ConstFormat[Array[Byte]]
  3. object CacheMap
  4. object Cursor
  5. object DurablePersistentMap
  6. object Hashing

    A utility object implementing the prefix calculation for the randomized hash approach to storing access paths.

  7. object InMemoryConfluentMap
  8. object MeldInfo extends Serializable
  9. object VersionInfo