package patterns

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Package Members

  1. package graph
  2. package lucre

Type Members

  1. trait Context[T <: Exec[T]] extends AnyRef
  2. final case class Event(map: Map[String, Any]) extends Iterable[(String, Any)] with Product with Serializable
  3. trait PatImport extends AnyRef
  4. final class PatNestedOps[A] extends AnyVal
  5. final class PatOps[A] extends AnyVal

    PatOps are operations for patterns (Pat).

    PatOps are operations for patterns (Pat). Instead of having these operations directly defined in each pattern, which is a huge list, they appear here as extension methods.

    See also


  6. final class PatTuple2Ops[A, B] extends AnyVal
  7. final case class Scale extends Product with Serializable
  8. final class SeqToPatOps[A] extends AnyVal
  9. abstract class Stream[T <: Exec[T], +A] extends Writable with Disposable[T]
  10. trait Transform extends AnyRef
  11. final case class Tuning(tuning: IndexedSeq[Double], octaveRatio: Double, name: String = "Unknown Tuning") extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Context
  2. object Event extends Serializable
  3. object Graph
  4. object Log
  5. object Obj
  6. object PatImport extends PatImport
  7. object Scale extends Serializable
  8. object Stream
  9. object Tuning extends Serializable