package mellite

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Package Members

  1. package edit
  2. package util

Type Members

  1. class ActionBounce[T <: Txn[T]] extends Action
  2. trait Application extends SwingApplication[Document]
  3. trait ArtifactFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  4. trait ArtifactLocationFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  5. trait ArtifactLocationObjView[T <: Txn[T]] extends ObjView[T]
  6. trait ArtifactLocationView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseObjView[T] with Editable[T]
  7. trait ArtifactView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseObjView[T] with Editable[T]
  8. trait AttrMapFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  9. trait AttrMapView[T <: Txn[T]] extends MapView[T, AttrMapView[T]] with UniverseObjView[T]

    A view for an object's attribute map.

    A view for an object's attribute map. The object (receiver) itself is returned by obj, whereas the map can be accessed via attr.

  10. trait AudioCueFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  11. trait AudioCueObjView[T <: Txn[T]] extends ObjView[T]
  12. trait AudioCueView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseObjView[T] with AudioCueObjView[T]
  13. trait BasicRendering extends PaintController

    Paint support for various views.

  14. trait BasicTool[T <: Txn[T], A] extends Model[Update[A]]
  15. trait BasicTools[T <: Txn[T], TL, +U] extends Model[U]
  16. trait CanBounce extends AnyRef
  17. trait CodeFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  18. trait CodeView[T <: Txn[T], Out] extends UniverseObjView[T] with Model[Update]
  19. final case class Config(open: List[File] = Nil, autoRun: List[String] = Nil, headless: Boolean = false, bootAudio: Boolean = false, logFrame: Boolean = true, launcherPort: Int = -1, prefix: String = "default", lookAndFeel: Option[String] = None, autoQuit: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable
  20. trait DependentMayVeto[-Tx] extends Disposable[Tx]

    A dependent that should be consulted first before calling dispose.

  21. trait DocumentCursorsFrame extends Window[D]
  22. trait DocumentCursorsView extends View[D]
  23. trait DocumentHandler extends Model[Update]

    Note: the model dispatches not on the EDT.

    Note: the model dispatches not on the EDT. Listeners requiring to execute code on the EDT should use a wrapper like defer (LucreSwing).

  24. trait DocumentViewHandler extends Model[Update]
  25. final case class DoubleSpan(start: Double, stop: Double) extends Product with Serializable
  26. trait FScapeOutputsView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseObjView[T] with Editable[T]
  27. sealed trait FadeViewMode extends AnyRef
  28. trait FolderEditorView[T <: Txn[T]] extends Editable[T] with UniverseObjView[T]
  29. trait FolderFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  30. trait FolderView[T <: Txn[T]] extends Model[Update[T]] with Editable[T] with UniverseObjView[T]
  31. trait GlobalProcsView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseView[T] with Editable[T]
  32. trait GraphemeCanvas[T <: Txn[T]] extends TimelineCanvas2D[T, Double, ObjGraphemeView[T]]
  33. trait GraphemeFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  34. trait GraphemeModel extends Model[Update]
  35. trait GraphemeRendering extends BasicRendering

    Paint support for grapheme obj views.

  36. trait GraphemeTool[T <: Txn[T], A] extends BasicTool[T, A]

    A tool that operates on object inside the grapheme view.

    A tool that operates on object inside the grapheme view.


    the type of element that represents an ongoing edit state (typically during mouse drag).

  37. trait GraphemeTools[T <: Txn[T]] extends BasicTools[T, GraphemeTool[T, _], Update[T]]
  38. trait GraphemeView[T <: Txn[T]] extends TimelineViewBase[T, Double, ObjGraphemeView[T]]
  39. trait Init extends AnyRef
  40. final case class Insets(top: Int, left: Int, bottom: Int, right: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  41. trait InterpreterFrame extends AnyRef
  42. trait LogFrame extends Window
  43. final class MainFrame extends WindowImpl
  44. trait MapView[T <: Txn[T], Repr] extends UniverseView[T] with Editable[T] with Model[Update[T, Repr]]
  45. trait MarkdownEditorView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseObjView[T] with Model[Update]
  46. trait MarkdownRenderView[T <: Txn[T]] extends Basic[T] with UniverseObjView[T]
  47. final case class MessageException(message: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

    A simple exception that indicates that only the message string should be shown to the user.

  48. trait NuagesEditorFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  49. trait NuagesEditorView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseObjView[T] with Editable[T] with CanBounce
  50. trait ObjGraphemeView[T <: Txn[T]] extends ObjView[T]
  51. trait ObjListView[T <: Txn[T]] extends ObjView[T]
  52. trait ObjTimelineView[T <: Txn[T]] extends ObjView[T]
  53. trait ObjView[T <: Txn[T]] extends Disposable[T] with Observable[T, Update[T]]
  54. final class PreferencesFrame extends WindowImpl with NoMenuBarActions
  55. trait ProcOutputsView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseView[T] with Editable[T]
  56. sealed trait RegionViewMode extends AnyRef
  57. trait Removable extends AnyRef
  58. trait RunnerToggleButton[T <: Txn[T]] extends View[T]
  59. trait SelectionModel[T <: Txn[T], Repr] extends Model[Update[T, Repr]]

    An observable unordered set of (visually selected) objects.

  60. trait SplitPaneView[T <: Txn[T]] extends View[T]
  61. trait TimelineCanvas2D[T <: Txn[T], Y, Child] extends TimelineCanvas
  62. trait TimelineFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  63. trait TimelineRendering extends BasicRendering

    Paint support for timeline obj views.

  64. trait TimelineTool[T <: Txn[T], A] extends BasicTool[T, A]

    A tool that operates on object inside the timeline view.

    A tool that operates on object inside the timeline view.


    the type of element that represents an ongoing edit state (typically during mouse drag).

  65. trait TimelineTools[T <: Txn[T]] extends BasicTools[T, TimelineTool[T, _], Update[T]]
  66. trait TimelineTrackCanvas[T <: Txn[T]] extends TimelineCanvas2D[T, Int, ObjTimelineView[T]]
  67. trait TimelineView[T <: Txn[T]] extends ObjView[T] with TimelineViewBase[T, Int, ObjTimelineView[T]] with CanBounce
  68. trait TimelineViewBase[T <: Txn[T], Y, Child] extends UniverseObjView[T] with Editable[T]

    Common base for TimelineView and GraphemeView.

  69. trait UniverseHandler[T <: Txn[T]] extends AnyRef

    The UI handler for a universe (and thus a workspace).

  70. trait UniverseObjView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseView[T]
  71. trait UniverseView[T <: Txn[T]] extends Cursor[T]
  72. trait Veto[-Tx] extends AnyRef

    A trait representing an object that has an objection to a particular action.

    A trait representing an object that has an objection to a particular action. This objection is manifested through a human readable vetoMessage which would generally also be displayed in the GUI when calling tryResolveVeto.

    For example, if trying to close a window that is in dirty state, calling tryResolveVeto will display the veto message in a dialog to the user, and the user can confirm the closure, which would result in a true return value, or abort the closure, which would result in a false return type.

  73. trait ViewState extends AnyRef
  74. trait WidgetEditorFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  75. trait WidgetEditorView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseObjView[T] with Model[Update]
  76. trait WidgetRenderFrame[T <: Txn[T]] extends WorkspaceWindow[T]
  77. trait WidgetRenderView[T <: Txn[T]] extends UniverseObjView[T]
  78. final case class WindowPlacement(horizontal: Float, vertical: Float, padding: Int = 20) extends Product with Serializable
  79. trait WorkspaceCache[A] extends Disposable[TxnLike]
  80. trait WorkspaceWindow[T <: Txn[T]] extends Window[T]

Value Members

  1. object About
  2. object ActionArtifactLocation
  3. object ActionBounce
  4. object ActionCloseAllWorkspaces extends Action
  5. object ActionNewWorkspace extends Action
  6. object ActionPreferences extends Action
  7. object Application extends SwingApplicationProxy[Universe[_], Application]

    A proxy for a swing application.

  8. object ArtifactFrame extends Key
  9. object ArtifactLocationFrame extends Key
  10. object ArtifactLocationObjView extends Factory
  11. object ArtifactLocationView
  12. object ArtifactView
  13. object AttrMapFrame extends Key
  14. object AttrMapView
  15. object AudioCueFrame extends Key
  16. object AudioCueObjView extends Factory
  17. object AudioCueView
  18. object BasicTool
  19. object BasicTools
  20. case object BuildInfo extends Product with Serializable

    This object was generated by sbt-buildinfo.

  21. object CodeFrame extends Key
  22. object CodeView
  23. object DocumentCursorsFrame
  24. object DocumentHandler
  25. object DocumentViewHandler
  26. object DragAndDrop
  27. object FScapeOutputsView
  28. object FadeViewMode
  29. object FolderEditorView
  30. object FolderFrame extends Key
  31. object FolderView
  32. object GUI
  33. object GlobalProcsView
  34. object GraphemeFrame extends Key
  35. object GraphemeModel
  36. object GraphemeTool
  37. object GraphemeTools
  38. object GraphemeView
  39. object Help
  40. object Insets extends Serializable
  41. object InterpreterContext
  42. object InterpreterFrame
  43. object Log
  44. object LogFrame
  45. object Logo
  46. object MapView
  47. object MarkdownEditorView
  48. object MarkdownFrame
  49. object MarkdownRenderView
  50. object Mellite extends SwingApplicationImpl[Document] with Application with Init
  51. object MenuBar
  52. object NuagesEditorFrame extends Key
  53. object NuagesEditorView
  54. object ObjGraphemeView
  55. object ObjListView
  56. object ObjTimelineView
  57. object ObjView
  58. object ObjectActions
  59. object OpenWorkspace
  60. object PreferencesFrame
  61. object Prefs
  62. object ProcActions
  63. object ProcOutputsView
  64. object RegionViewMode
  65. object RunnerToggleButton
  66. object SelectionModel
  67. object Shapes
  68. object SonogramManager
  69. object SplitPaneView
  70. object TimelineFrame extends Key
  71. object TimelineTool
  72. object TimelineTools
  73. object TimelineView
  74. object UniverseHandler
  75. object ViewState
  76. object WebBrowser
  77. object WidgetEditorFrame extends Key
  78. object WidgetEditorView
  79. object WidgetRenderFrame extends Key
  80. object WidgetRenderView
  81. object WindowPlacement extends Serializable
  82. object WorkspaceCache
  83. object WorkspaceWindow