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  1. class AudioBusMeterImpl extends AudioBusMeter
  2. final class DynamicTreeLayout extends Layout
  3. class IconLabelRenderer extends AbstractShapeRenderer

    Renderer that draws a label, which consists of a text string, an icon, or both.

    Renderer that draws a label, which consists of a text string, an icon, or both. This is based on the prefuse LabelRenderer class, but changes image for icon. It was converted from Java to Scala, so the code looks a bit ugly.

    When created using the default constructor, the renderer attempts to use text from the "label" field. To use a different field, use the appropriate constructor or use the setTextField method. To perform custom String selection, subclass this Renderer and override the getText method. When the text field is null, no text label will be shown. Labels can span multiple lines of text, determined by the presence of newline characters ('\n') within the text string.

    By default, no icon is shown. To show an icon, the icon field needs to be set, either using the appropriate constructor or the setIconField method. The value of the icon field should be an Icon instance to use.

    The position of the icon relative to text can be set using the setIconPosition method. Images can be placed to the left, right, above, or below the text. The horizontal and vertical alignments of either the text or the icon can be set explicitly using the appropriate methods of this class (e.g., setHorizontalTextAlignment). By default, both the text and icon are centered along both the horizontal and vertical directions.

Value Members

  1. object DynamicTreeLayout
  2. object InterpreterImpl
  3. object TextViewImpl
  4. object WaveformViewImpl