NetUtil -- version 0.39 (built 12-jun-11) --


NetUtil is a compact and efficient java library for sending and receiving messages using the OpenSoundControl (OSC) protocol. It is (C)opyright 2004–2011 by Hanns Holger Rutz. All rights reserved. NetUtil is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License and comes with absolutely no warranties. To contact the author, send an email to contact at

For project status, API and current version, visit

requirements / installation

NetUtil requires a Java(tm) 1.4+ environment. NetUtil has also been successfuly running on Android.


The current version can be downloaded here:

Either go to the regular download section for stable builds, or use SVN to grab the latest developer sourcecode version.


Documentation comes in the form of JavaDoc. The generate the docs, open a terminal, cd into the JCollider folder and run:

$ ant doc

compilation / usage

Please read the DevelopersNeeded note.

The source code can be compiled using Eclipse SDK 3.4+ ( and Apache Ant 1.6.5+ ( The Eclipse project file is configured to run the regular Ant build file. You can make a clean build just with Ant from the terminal:

$ ant clean jar
$ ant test

The "test" will run with UDP server test, you can leave away that task. If you want a more compact build without debugging (line numbers) information, add -Ddebug=false to the ant call.

The final product will be a file build/NetUtil.jar which you can include in the classpath of your application.

The class is supplied for simple testing routines that demonstrate the use of some of the classes (some of the examples printed in the API docs). Execute java -jar build/NetUtil.jar to learn about commandline options for running these examples. For more sophisticated examples of using the library, have a look at JCollider, Eisenkraut or SwingOSC.

interesting links

here is some sporadic list of projects which seem to use NetUtil. if you want to have your project added here, send me the links:

to-do / known issues

change history

v0.39 (jun 2011 - SVN rev. 23)

v0.38 (may 2009 - SVN rev. 21)

v0.37 (may 2009 - SVN rev. 18)

v0.36 (may 2009 - SVN rev. 16)

v0.35 (apr 2008 - SVN rev. 6)

v0.34 (apr 2008 - SVN rev. 5)

v0.33 (jul 2007)

v0.32 (mar 2007)

v0.31 (oct 2006)

v0.30 (oct 2006)

v0.26 (jul 2006)

v0.25 (nov 2005)

v0.24 (sep 2005)

v0.22 (sep 2005)

v0.2 (aug 2005)

v0.14 (aug 2005)

v0.12 (jul 2005)

v0.11 (jun 2005)

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