Kontur is the successor of a project named Bosque. Bosque provides a timeline system in the SuperCollider environment, allowing you not only to place and arrange regions of audio files, but also code regions, triggering interactive reactions in SuperCollider or controlling sound parameters. Bosque was originally developed during the Dancy Media Academy (TMA) 2007 for the piece Phonolithikum. It allowed me to create a fully composed piece for dance, but at the same time to integrate live elements (such as sounds triggered or filtering parameters controlled by the dancers) and interactive markers to stop and move inside the timeline. Bosque was further developed and documented with support from a research project at the IEM Graz.

Kontur is a re-write based on the Scala language and ScalaCollider as its back end. It currently lacks support for code regions and as such targets more the creation of algorithmically composed tape pieces. In addition to Bosque, you can have multiple timelines now, and there is support for different types of spatialisation. Through an online Scala interpreter, timeline structures can be programmatically created, transformed, and so forth, using the API of the timeline system. My pieces 'Fäden Ziehen', 'Durchführung', and 'Lighthouse' have been composed with Kontur.

A future version of Kontur will meld with SoundProcesses/TemporalObjects and re-introduce code regions.

Kontur Screenshot