portrait unkuentzMartin Kuentz (Unkuentz), born 1975 in Southwestgermany, is a Berlin based freelance artist. In 2002, he founded the Salon Bruit, a concert series on improvised, electroacoustic and noise music. He organized the DIENSTbar event on M.S. Stubnitz (Rotterdam) in 2001, and took part in the "White Ears" exhibition of Expo 3000 (Lagos Art Festival). Music related projects include radio transmitting performances as Transmitting Object Behaviour (T.O.B.), Berlin free radio campaign, Blind Operators, Unkuentz vs. Trodza. Co-founded 'apostrov recordings. Various concerts in Germany, Denmark, England, Romania. unkuentz at apostrov.net
portrait scissHanns Holger Rutz (Sciss), born in 1977 in Lower-Saxony, lives in Berlin since 1997 as freelance composer and student of audio engineering and computer music. He is currently writing his exam work about new software approaches to spatial sound composition. A couple of works have been released since 2000 including "Residual" (2001), "Achronie" (2002), "Netzhaut" (2003) and "Crosshatch" (2004). A few sound installations and several live performances. In 2003 co-organized Salon Bruit, the same year founded 'apostrov rec. sciss at apostrov.net
portrait axel volmarAxel Volmar is attending cultural studies and focusses on sound scapes and field recordings. Having attended workshops by Ralf Schreiber, he organized the first solar power event in 2001. Currently finishes his diploma thesis, research on binaural listening through headphones. A couple of sound installations, radiophonic piece "Francophonie" (2001). sneeka at gmx.de